What would you do if you possess the most powerful device in the Universe? 

You all know Ben 10! With a hero’s heart always beating inside him, … somewhere… and under the right circumstances it will emerge just in the nick of time for Ben to save the day and himself!

Ben’s conscience, steering him in the right direction whenever possible.

Ben’s closest cousin. Wise beyond her age group, Gwen is the sometimes voice of reason – sometimes partner in crime to her cousin Ben.

Ben’s alien transformation into a fun-loving, flying, fiery alien made of flames.

A real hothead as you know him: a cocky and fearless dude who gets easily excited and jumps straight into any situation. Let’s see what he does in the show!

Herbert J. Zomboni, criminal mastermind.

His scary clown appearance is exactly how he sees himself. Zombozo employs a vast array of circus tricks and tactics to aid his criminal schemes.

She never misses an opportunity to kick monster butt!

Leader & spokesperson with fiery red hair tied up in her trademark red bow. She’s smart and positive with a strong moral compass.

“Trouble” is her favorite word!

The muscle of the Powerpuff Girls, a tough, tomboy renegade, she punches first and asks questions later, which occasionally gets her into trouble…

The pigtailed happy-go-lucky one of the three

Bubbles is the golden haired angel, always seeing the best in everything. Sensitive, artistic, and at times a bit naive. But she can take down a monster with one adorable punch!


Your average, everyday genius scientist and single dad of the year.

Still, as much as he loves science, he loves his three little superhero girls, even more.

No matter what happens as a result of his dumb schemes, he always bounces back…

12-year-old Gumball makes up for his charming stupidity with incurable opti­mism. His positive energy drives the show forward even when the results of his enthusiasm backfire spectacularly.

Did you know he used to be the family pet?

10 years old and Gumball’s best friend. Whatever Gumball’s up to, Darwin’s in on it too.


Child genius and always getting Gumball and Darwin out of trouble

She’s in the junior kindergarten and the most intelligent person in the whole show. Not that most people notice. Who’s going to take advice from a baby?

An adventure kid who wants to become a great hero!

At first glance you probably wouldn’t know it, but Finn is a mighty hero. For a twelve-year-old kid, saving princesses and battling sinister wizards, it’s quite an admirable hobby.

A magical shapeshifting dog with a kind heart

Finn can always turn to Jake for advice about things that confuse him. His reassuring presence lets Finn feel free to act like a goofball.

Ruler of Candy Kingdom and scientist

Her immense knowledge on all things and dedication to the many fields of science, provide an endless supply of interesting projects for Finn and Jake to get excited about.

Meet Kelvin, our teenage science genius in the show!

Kelvin just loves science. Although his inventions do not always work out well… He is a live wire. His positive enthusiasm is infectious for you. He is quick witted and loves to entertain you with brilliant one-lines. But maybe he needs to slow down and be a little bit more patient?


Zarr is Kelvin’s newest creation; a human like robot villain

Meet Zarr, a grown-up robot-monster creation. Although Zarr has been accidentally created into a villain, we can’t help but like him. He is the loveable baddie with a sharp sense of humour. You will definitely love him!